I'm Laís Lara

End-to-end designer who simplifies complexity visually.

I'm a Senior Product Designer with 5 years of experience, currently at Dell Technologies.

Over the years, I've also worked as both a Product Designer and Product Manager in the law tech industry and for a global marketplace for creative services.

I enjoy thinking visually and bringing a UX mindset to all aspects of my life.
Whether it's sharing insights or templates with the UX community, illustrating ideas, or trying out new recipes, I love to explore and experiment.

T-shaped designer.

From strategy to launch to optimization. My curiosity engages me to keep studying about UX/UI, while also learning about research, product management, storytelling, business and other subjects related.


Proactively seeking opportunities to align the needs of users with the needs of the business.


Opening up early designs, and pairing up with interdisciplinary minds for a diverse viewpoint.


Ready to learn and build a more robust set of tools to approach daily challenges.

System thinker

Exploring under the surface to understand the complexities within the systems I design.


Particularly skilled in long-form writing for asynchronous communication.









The Double Diamond design model guides my process. And it is a non-linear iterative process.

The strategy and design tools I choose for each phase are based on the context and what I need to move forward with more confidence.

Those four phases remind me to get insights into the problem, frame the problem, explore potential solutions and test them.


5 years working fully remote for tech companies in Brazil and globally distributed.

Dell Technologies

Sênior Product Designer | 2024 - Present


Product Designer and Product Manager | 2023 - 2024

Bunny Studio

Product Designer and Product Manager | 2021 - 2022


Product Designer | 2020 - 2021


Co-founder and Product Designer | 2019 - 2020


UX Designer | 2019

Supporting community

I've been writing about design since 2018, when I started transitioning to this field.
Most articles were published at UX Collective and have been supporting people from different backgrounds. Here are the popular ones in English:

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What other people have said

"Lara is a great leader in managing and developing complex projects at high speed. Her technical and leadership skills make her a PM capable of aligning large engineering, marketing, and design teams on high-impact projects for business conversion and new customer acquisition. In addition, she is a disciplined, fun, and inspiring person. I definitely recommend working with her!"

Aron D'mello Marketing Specialist at Bunny Studio

"Laís has proven to be a fundamental part of our team since her arrival. She is very engaged and organized, always contributing to the team, bringing new ideas, and actively participating in relevant issues to connect our parts of the whole."

Felipe Ramos Product Design Lead at PicPay

"Her professionalism is incredible, as well as her skills as a PD. However, her skills are not limited to this, since she is always trying to understand how mobile and back work, to be able to further enhance her work. She also helped the team in matters of focus. Her arrival on the team added a lot, and it has been a great privilege to work with her!"

Natan Ximenes Senior Android Developer at PicPay

I had the opportunity to lead Lara, and I'd recommend working with her as she is:
- very reliable; as challenges, simple and complex problems arise, she'll make her way into getting things done in an organized and coordinated way.
- positively critical; she'll challenge the status quo, ask insightful questions and bring new ideas to the table, which helps a lot in devising new ways of doing things, getting candid feedback, and collaborating effectively.
- extremely curious; Lara loves to read and find new sources and topics which she also shares them with others; you can expect she'll add a lot of value and knowledge to the team.
- an amazing asynchronous communicator; working with a remote global team requires having this skill quite developed, and she's quite good at it.

Vladimir Vivas Head of Product at Bunny Studio

Let's get in touch

Feel free to reach out for collaborations or just a friendly hello 😄


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