About the project

Increasing the order value

Bunny Studio was a marketplace with pre-vetted freelancers for creative services with:

  • +15k businesses partners

  • +13k freelancers

  • +50 types of categories

  • 5 languages in the platform

As a Product Designer and Product Manager of the Storefront squad, I was responsible for the conversion flow and I led this product. I worked close with a user researcher, data analysts, developers, customer experience team, marketing and operations.

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UX Designer and Product Manager


Bunny Studio


Q2 2022


Responsive web design

The problem

Friction and operational burden when users asked takes*.

*Takes are different ways a script can be recorded.

The main challenge of it was the platform was tied to a fulfillment flow.

So any change could be a big change in the system.

And there was a confusion with another functionality called ’parts’, which was related to 'takes'.

The goal

How can we offer takes as an small experiment?

βš’οΈ Create an MVP

πŸ’° Test the pricing

πŸ” Learn the workflow


I've gathered insights from:

  • A survey with freelancers

  • Support team

  • Data team

Main insights

  • Clients found different workaround to request takes

  • ~0.66% of projects had request for takes

  • Freelancers did not earn if they did not raise a flag

  • A pay raise of 10% to 50% was expected by freelancers when tasks were requested

  • 2 or 3 takes was the most frequent request

  • 8 takes was the maximum a client requested

  • No takes created more back-and-forth of revisions


3 proposed solutions

My task was to create 3 alternatives of a user-friendly interface, each one with a trade-off.

I presented them to stakeholders and developers from my squad and the other one that could be impacted.

We discussed for a while the possibilities of the project and I listened carefully to their feedback and suggestions.

Basically, the best solution for the user experience, had a difficult implementation and would impact another squad.

I provided examples and explanations for why certain design decisions, and highlighted the best option for users.

The developers started to explored how to simplify the implementation, as we had a really tide deadline.

As a result of those efforts, and the team collaboration, at that meeting we were able found together an alternative that would service business and users.


Business and user impact

😍 Freelancers and ops

  • Freelancers were getting paid for the takes

  • We had less operational burden

βž• Projects

  • 53% increase of projects with takes
    compared to initial analysis

πŸ’° Value increase

  • 37% increase in average order value of a voice-over compared to projects without takes

β€œSo, I’ve been looking into the projects. Clients seem to grasp the functionality pretty good!
Both New and Ongoing clients seem to be using the functionality without any issues."

- CX coordinator

β€œThank you. This is what we needed!” - A Freelancer

β€œThis will be a big time saver, thank you for the feature.” - A client


My learnings

🀝 Collaborate with developers and stakeholders early and often

πŸš€ Embrace constrains to find the most creative solution

Let's get in touch

Feel free to reach out for collaborations or just a friendly hello πŸ˜„


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